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Game Of Geeks: Lego Movie Review

So you may be wondering why this has somehow fallen into the realm of comic based game reviews and curiosities. Well, cuz Batman. His character becomes a pretty prominent part of the game and story line. However he is not the same Batman you may know. More on this later. For now let’s talk about […]

Many Questions With Larime Taylor

Many Questions With Larime Taylor

In the latest installments of our ongoing interview series, “Five Questions with…” I have utterly failed to maintain the format. But in that failure, I was able to gain insights from comic book creators that I might not have otherwise obtained. So in that spirit, when I joined Larime Taylor, creator of A Voice In The […]

(w) The Original Writer (i.e., Alan Moore), Mick Anglo, (a) Garry Leach, Don Lawrence, Alan Davis, Steve Dillion, Paul Neary, Marvel Comics, $20.96 collectively.

AFTER WEDNESDAY: Starting to Fill in the Gaps with Miracleman, A Dream of Flying

I am of an age in which I can comfortably settle myself as being apart of the pre-internet generation developmentally. Situated within my age group (35-50) is a phenomenon that I believe is shrinking due to all available information/artifacts being made available through technology. That phenomenon is collecting the ephemera of certain eras of comics. […]



. In honor of the Caped Crusader’s 75th Anniversary, your hosts, DW and Josh, probe the mind of The Batman and try to figure out whether he’s heroic, delusional, or just plain nuts! Listen in and find out which ward at Arkham Bruce Wayne truly belongs in! DOWNLOAD ON PODBEAN DOWNLOAD ON ITUNES LISTEN ON […]


Independent Jones: For The Brothers Coker, Outcasts of Jupiter a Family Affair

Independent Jones: For The Brothers Coker, Outcasts of Jupiter a Family Affair

Our latest installment of Independent Jones centers on a Kickstarter project with just 17 days left by two brothers from Lagos, Nigeria. Shofela and Shobowela Coker, more commonly known as Shof and Shobo, are seeking to crowd-fund their upcoming comic book Outcasts of Jupiter. While from the same family, they are now in two very […]


Interview with Team Reyn

Image Comics have recently shown an eagerness to return to the many worlds of fantasy, with titles ranging from Mice Templar to last year’s Sovereign, to the stable of current books like Rat Queens, Tooth and Claw, and Birthright, we as readers are getting our fair share of new realms to explore. Of these, one book stands out as a […]


An Interview with BAD SUMMER’s Ed Laroche

BAD SUMMER, written and illustrated by Ed Laroche(ALMIGHTY, WAVEFORM) is being published by imprint, RADCO.  It has been optioned as a feature film by LOGAN PICTURES, to be directed by Paul Minor.  BAD SUMMER is an environmental horror story with a noire feel to it.  It even premiered as a short run at last years […]


Image Dominates 2014 Trade Sales Behind WALKING DEAD and SAGA

Super-heroes may rule the longbox, but the bookshelf belongs to zombies. Diamond Comic Distributors has released the final sales rankings for 2014. While the overall market share for monthly books was dominated by traditional Big Two powerhouses DC Comics and Marvel Comics, the graphic novel segment of the comic book market was completely owned by […]


PREVIEWS: First Look at Valiant’s IVAR: TIMEWALKER #2

With the first issue having hit yesterday, Valiant is wasting no time in building more buzz for the Fred Van Lente and Clayton Henry collaboration Ivar: Timewalker. The independent publisher has released a five-page preview of next month’s issue, which appears to take on the eternal question of time travel: If you could, would YOU […]


REVIEW: THE WALKING DEAD #136 Shows How Much People Suck Once They’re Safe

[wp-review] People suck. It’s a general rule of The Walking Dead that nothing good can be allowed to last without some dumb human being either intentionally screwing it up or doing so by virtue of sheer stupidity. This latest issue really drives this home, as we see how petty squabbles, greed, and ambition have begun […]


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